Boot Multiple OS in a single USB or CD/DVD (XBOOT)

In this tip I'll show how to make a single USB stick into multiple bootable OS (Linux/Unix/Windows). If you are an computer te...

In this tip I'll show how to make a single USB stick into multiple bootable OS (Linux/Unix/Windows). If you are an computer technician, helpdesk support, student, or for personal use only, this is the best way of how you can bring various Operating Systems (OS) in a single USB stick or Live CD to anywhere. What we will do is at least take a look to these requirements bellow:

1. 4GB or above USB stick will be preferred one, for DVD normally 4~GB;
2. Windows OS (XP/7/8) for making this stuff;
3. Your downloaded iso's files (windows/linux);
4. Xboot (tools for creating multiple iso's);
5. Internet connection (if you haven't any iso's downloaded).

Next steps is the installation processes:

1. Format your USB;

2. Download Xboot tools here;
3. Run Xboot (No installation needed);
4. Drag and drop your downloaded iso's inside xboot board or you can download it from the drop down list available in this tools by going to File>Download and select what OS you need to download;
5. Click on Create USB (for Live USB) or Create ISO(for live CD), it takes several minutes to finish the copy;
6. You now just boot it from your USB stick or Live CD. 
7. Enjoy!




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Oppa Newbie Blog: Boot Multiple OS in a single USB or CD/DVD (XBOOT)
Boot Multiple OS in a single USB or CD/DVD (XBOOT)
Oppa Newbie Blog
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